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El Peso de la Vida

Actualización Del Estado De Chi Cheng...

El pasado viernes Deftones dejo una nota en su Myspace dando a conocer las últimas noticias acerca del estado de su bajista, Chi Cheng. Os lo dejo a continuación:

Hello Friends,

Chi continues to be strong. Since his arrival at the hospital, he's had several probes attached to his brain that monitor and help control certain brain activity such as the ICP (brain pressure). Due to the activity remaining steady as well as the numbers coming back positive, today doctors are began removing the probes. We are so grateful for the small victories and know that your prayers and loving energy are what is keeping him progressing forward. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your prayers. Please keep them coming.

The good deeds going around are so wonderful!

No Man is an Island- by Joan Baez

No man is an island,
No man stands alone,
Each man's joy, is joy to me,
Each man's grief is my own.

We need one another,
So I will defend,
Each man as my brother,
Each man as my friend.

I saw the people gather,
I heard the music start,
The song that they are singing,
Is singing in my heart.

No man is an island,
Way out in the blue,
We all look to the one above,
For our strength to renew.

When I help my brother,
Then I know that I,
Plant the seed of friendship
That will never die.

I've never felt more loved and connected to this extended family that is keeping us in prayer. Today please reflect on our connectedness and how we are all family. Everyone you meet is your sister, your brother, your daughter, or your son. Some of them are just the family that you haven't met yet. Today would you please smile at a stranger? Maybe say, "Have a great day." If someone is looking sad or is short tempered with you, they probably need this all the more. This small kindness may just be the best thing that will happen in their whole day. By the way, just smiling releases the same happy chemicals in your body that are released when you are joyful and help you to be happy too.

God Bless You All,

P.S. Oprah, I'm working on your assignment. Please call me, Velvet Hammer has my number.

P.S.S. Dr. Oz, You are my son (Chi's) resident at Columbia. Head's-up to you. You can help Oprah with her assignment. Please call.

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